Thursday, 25 June 2015

LIFE/ The easiest and the most delicious:)




After a long long pause, here I am:)
Maybe we made this photo shoot a long time ago but the recipe is one of my favorite. Why? Because it's simple, practical, healthy and delicious:) and like my mom, every turkish mom's favorite joker recipe for breakfasts and snack times. ohh beyond, it's open to creativity, you can play with ingredients and create very special things...

What do we need?
2 Eggs,
Feta cheese ( Mozzarella, Emmantel, Manchego also can be used)
1 spoon Olive oil
Any kind of bread slices (sourdough my fav)
Parsley (according to your cheese you can play with herbs and spices)

How do we prepare?
Start to heating the oven 220C, put all the ingredients without breads in a bowl and mixed. Put bread slices in a tray, and top of the breads put the mix you prepared and cook 15 minutes. 
Bon apetit:)


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